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Comic-Con Special Edition: 5 Things You Should Know

  1. WE WILL BE AT CCSE! California Browncoats will be in attendance this weekend, and we’re looking forward to seeing you. You can find us at booth 311, between Lobby B1 and the Lounge. We’re going to be fundraising for the Al Wooten Center, Ron Glass’ favorite charity (more about that in a second) and if you’re going too and want to help, consider filling out our volunteer application here. Shifts can be as short as an hour, can earn you discounts on our merch, and can get you access to the best snacks at the event.

  2. Special Edition happens to start the day after the 5th anniversary of Ron Glass’ passing. We’re celebrating his life by supporting the Wooten Center, the amazing organization he was on the Board of Directors for. Also, one of our new items is a challenge coin featuring his likeness as Shepherd Book, designed by Zac Pensol - find it at our booth!

  3. Join us for The Doctor Horrible Screening! Our only panel at Special Edition, we will be screening Dr. H on Saturday the 27th from 7:45 to 8:45 pm in Room 6DE - Do not bounce!

  4. We will have a bunch of other new merch. You know us, always planning the next caper, and we have had a LOT of time to plan… Need some hand sanitizer? We gotchu. A super limited edition tote bag to carry all your Browncoat swag, designed by Nick Kremenek? It’s here. We have new Firefly books from Boom! Studios, enamel pins, mini prints and other art, the flask you probably haven’t seen in person; all the bits and bobs that make a stop by the booth so much fun.

  5. Whether you purchase merch or play our Charity Chopstick Game, you are helping us do good in the world and support the Al Wooten Center. Come by, say hi, and be a Big Damn Hero.

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Cecile Fleetwood
Cecile Fleetwood
Nov 23, 2021

I will stop by if I can! The Blood Drive will be on all thru Special Edition in the Marriott hotel nextdoor. I will be in the Blood Drive Booth 2034, Hall C making appointments, distributing information & prizes for Blood Donors!

Cecile Fleetwood, co-chair of the Blood Drive

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