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Flying Into The Year with New Events, Meetups and Shiny Things!

Happy New Year, Browncoats! We hope you had a peaceful holiday and are ready to launch into 2024 with us as we revisit our standard cons and events and also drop in on some new ones - It’s going to be a busy year and we’re hoping to connect with you along the way! 

Save the date: Here’s a quick calendar of this year’s cons and events we are confirmed for:

March 29-31 - WonderCon - Anaheim, California

May 18-19 - Comic-Con Revolution - Ontario, California

Jun 15 Hellmouth Con - Torrance, California

July 25- 28 San Diego Comic-Con 

We will be hosting a get together, coffee break or meet up during most of those events, starting with a Downtown Disney Meetup during WonderCon - watch for more info as we get closer to the event.

We’re also looking at other cons and events, more info as we confirm them! 

What other big things do we have planned for 2024?

How about a Book Club?! There have been so many new novels and graphic novels published in the last few years, expanding the ‘Verse and giving us more stories about our Big Damn Heroes, and we would like to get together with our community to read and discuss them! If you’re interested in reading along and joining us for the (virtual) Book Club meetings, please send an email to with some days and times that work best for you. Right now, we are planning Zoom meetings for every other month that will last from 60 to 90 minutes. And we will be starting with the first book in the series, Big Damn Hero, of course! 

We’re also looking at a Browncoat themed cooking night, some CSTS events and more fun stuff to keep this community connected.  

We will, of course, be bringing in new merch for the year, including a new challenge coin. We’re keeping the theme secret at the moment but let’s just say it’s pretty shiny. Also keep your eyes open for a new, ship themed patch, pins from Geek Regeneration, and Nick Kremenek's shiny new Planetary Travel Poster from the ‘Verse, Bellerophon! (Yes, you can buy it from us, but we also love it when you support our favorite artists and small businesses, if you just can’t wait for a con!)

Before we sign off, here’s a quick recap of what California Browncoats accomplished in 2023:

We could not have accomplished this without this community. Everything we do is a community endeavor, and we are so grateful to be going into the new year with you.

Stay Shiny, Browncoats!


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