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We are 100% volunteer run and need volunteers at every event we participate in. From setting up to tearing down, and everything that happens in between. Volunteering at the events can be a very rewarding experience. The best way to keep up with volunteer opportunities is to contact us at and our volunteer coordinator will respond as soon as they can. We generally start working on our volunteer schedule one to two weeks before an event. 


If you would like to volunteer with us throughout the year, consider becoming a member. Members provide valuable input throughout the year. They help determine what events we should attend, what new merchandise we should order, and contribute new design ideas. We are always looking to expand our Browncoat community whether you are near or far. 




Each event the CABC attends is organized by an event committee. Every year we seek new committee members to give the Browncoats a chance to become more involved. Committee members are responsible for a number of 'behind-the-scenes' activities that make our booth so popular.

Committee Positions

  • Chairperson - Runs the committee

  • Charity Coordinator - Runs the fundraiser by finding a sponsor and reaching out to the chosen charity

  • Fan Outreach - Promotes the fandom at the event, meeting room, and at any special events

  • Publications - Coordinates the creation of all printed material

  • Volunteer Coordinator - Contacts, organizes, and schedules the volunteers

The committee works online for months before an event. Each committee member is expected to participate in discussions for all areas of planning as it is a collaborative effort.

Some committee positions, such as charity organizer or volunteer coordinator, require a presence at the entire event. However others, like publications, are positions in which the majority of the work is completed before the event so anyone can participate without having to attend the event.

Committee positions that require a presence at the event will be supplied tickets to the event by the California Browncoats as they are expected to be working at least six hours each day.

To become a committee member:

  • Must have volunteered at least six (6) hours total at one or more events

  • Must get a referral from an event chairperson or board member 

If you have already volunteered at least six hours at one of our events and are interested in working on a committee please send us an email. Be sure to include which area you are interested in working on.


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