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Measure and Pattern Extraction:Create simple or complex patterns easily. More precise and efficient process of pattern extraction will come with more functionality.Smooth Curves:Now, you can draw a line by selecting the start point and clicking anywhere. Previously, it was required to click with the draw tool.Handling of drawing tools:You can now hold Ctrl or Shift and draw objects. Previously, holding a key on the keyboard and drawing was not possible. The tool is available for all the drawing tools.Responsive display and printing:Display canvas and ribbon as per your screen size and resolution. Automatically, if you resize window and change screen resolution, ribbon and canvas are also displayed to fit the size of the window.Incorporate changes made while drawing on Drawing History:Changes made on the Drawing History are automatically incorporated on the live drawing sheet. Previously, you needed to check ‘Sync to Drawing History’ in the Options menu for the drawing.Palette:Drag a marker to any symbol for instance. Now, you can drag the symbol or the marker to create a symbol automatically.Automatic Dimensioning:Assign predefined dimension values to dimensions created by AutoCAD. Previous user defined values are deleted to make space for dimension.Locking canvas:You can lock canvas so that multiple users can work on the drawing at the same time. Previously, a user needed to unlock the canvas before sharing it.Design view:You can now toggle to Design View with a single mouse click. A single click on the canvas switches to Design View. Previously, the design view needed to be toggled manually in the menu.Direct selection on multiple views:Double-click on a line to select multiple points simultaneously.Coordinate System Control:You can change Coordinate System of the drawing.T-bar:New T-bar can be created easily and used to make dimensioning. It can also be used for creating complex properties.View:Command Line:The command line enables you to run a command or a script without opening a dialogue box. Previous commands could be executed only by clicking on a menu or toolbar.Release Timeline:You can now control the drawing time with the new Release Timeline command. It keeps the 2be273e24d

AutoCAD X64

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