California Browncoats, Inc.

California Browncoats is a 501(c)3 non profit dedicated to promoting the fandom of Firefly & Serenity and other projects of their cast & crew through charitable works. We can be found at conventions, screenings, shindigs, and other events throughout California. Since 2007, California Browncoats has donated over $240,000 to various charities.


Time To Stop Flying?


Ever since its incorporation in 2007, California Browncoats, Inc. relied on the love and dedication of Browncoats to help spread the word of the ‘verse and to do good works. With the help of so many volunteering their time and efforts (and money), CABC has raised over $240,000 for several worthwhile charities. We’ve exhibited at Comic-Con International and WonderCon every year for more than a decade, as well as Long Beach Comic Con, and Comikaze. We have assisted and lent support for numerous Can’t Stop the Serenity events, conventions, and shindigs. Despite the hard work that goes into getting ready for these events, we’ve had a blast. But, it might be time for CABC to close its doors.

To put it bluntly, those of us that run the organization and have been working to put these events together are getting burned out. While we very much appreciate all of the volunteers that help at the booth during the various conventions, we’re finding it difficult to find people to keep the organization running day-to-day and behind the scenes. CABC is a business and needs people to keep it going, doing things like ordering merchandise, organizing our storage space, keeping the books up to date, filing required paperwork, keeping up with social media, organizing our convention spaces and events, and anything else that must be done.

Sales and donations at the booth have also been steadily declining in the last few years; if the trend continues, we’ll have a hard time staying in business while trying to raise money for charity. Don’t get us wrong – we are still Browncoats to the core – but it’s difficult to compete with all of the new shows, movies, and fandoms that have come along in the last 15 years since Firefly first aired.

Based on this, the current plan is to exhibit at WonderCon Anaheim Comic-Con in March 2018, and Comic-Con International: San Diego in July 2018, finish strong and raise even more money for charity (possibly break the quarter-of-a-million mark) and then take steps to dissolve the organization. However, if we get new involvement and energy from our fellow Browncoats out in the ‘verse, the organization may have the resources to keep flying.

This is where we need your help! The only way the organization can continue is to get more active people involved. We are looking for people to help fill out the following positions, all of which are necessary to run the business of CABC while also organizing all of the events and conventions throughout the year.

Event/Convention Prep Positions

Convention Chair – The convention chair runs the convention committee. There’s a lot of prep, planning, and paperwork that must be done before an event appearance. Normally starts about 90 days before a convention.

Charity Coordinator – Contacts the supported charity, runs the fundraiser, finds sponsors, prep volunteers to talk about the charity, etc.

Fan Outreach – Promotion of the fandom at the event. Organizes any meeting rooms or other programming.

Volunteer Coordinator – Recruits and schedules the booth volunteers and serves as the main point of contact for the volunteers.

At the convention/events, we need people that can make the event or convention booth the main priority. This can mean long hours, starting the day with a shift before the convention opens, or ending the day with a shift after the convention closes. This may mean missing programming or other events you may like to see at the convention.

Year-Round Positions

Directors – The Board of Directors oversees the operations of CABC and the direction the organization takes any given year. Directors are elected yearly by the members of CABC and meet at least once a year. The Board also elects the officers of the corporation that run the day-to-day operations.

President – Presides over meeting of the Board and serves as the organization’s chief executive. Controls the corporation’s day-to-day activities and designates certain corporate officers. Basically, runs the corporation during the year and answers to the board of directors. The president must have served as an officer or director for at least two years.

Secretary – Maintains the bylaws, maintains the minute book, gives notice of meetings, maintains corporate records, and files required paperwork with the state and federal government.

Treasurer – Maintains the books (using QuickBooks), prepares financial reports, files taxes, ensures deposits are completed, pays vendors, pay out the funds raised to various charities, and basically keeps track of the money.

Quartermaster – Takes care of the merchandise. Maintains relationship with vendors. Orders merchandise, tracks it, keeps the storage space/garage organized, picks up shipments, etc. The inventory is kept in San Diego, so it’s preferable that the quartermaster lives in the San Diego area. The job can be split between two people if necessary.

Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Shares daily news from the ‘verse, shares upcoming events, etc.

Webmaster – Runs the website and any other technical type stuff (Slack, email accounts, etc).

Talent Relations – Reaches out to celebrity contacts for event appearances and/or signed prize and auction items.

If some of these positions can be filled by enthusiastic Browncoats, the organization might stay active. If you’re interested, please email and we’ll talk.




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