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Virtual Events Happening This Weekend!

We know it's last minute, but if you're like us, your dance card is probably still pretty empty. Here’s info on two different virtual, charity supporting events that should be right up a Browncoat’s alley:

HalloWhedonCon starts at 11 am PST TODAY (October 24!) This group of virtual panels supports the Al Whooten Jr. Youth Center and the Los Angeles LGBT Center, and features some pretty fantastic Whedonverse guests, including the likes of Tim Minear, Juliet Landau and Miracle Laurie!! There will also be a virtual cosplay contest, trivia, and private one-on-ones with some of the guests. Attendees must register to watch and make a $20 donation so go do it right now!! But events go all day so there’s lots to watch and participate in!

The second event is tomorrow (October 25th) has an especially Browncoatey flavor: Utah Browncoats are hosting a virtual auction and watch party to benefit Can’t Stop The Serenity/Equality Now. The auction includes some pretty shiny things, including some memorabilia from the OG show (scripts, call sheets and sides, donated by Danny Nero) as well as some goodies donated by us (including items signed by Shawna Trpcic and James Lovegrove.) Lots of other fun stuff to be bid on, but my favorite is a hand tinted “Han Solo in Carbonite!" Created by Skip Crank (Propmaster on Firefly) off of the same mold used to make the original that was hidden in so many episodes!!

Skip Krank will also be the special guest and it will be a great chance to hear some details and stories from behind the scenes of our favorite show! You can find more info here and watch their facebook page for the event which will have the details for time how to register.

The event does take place on Discord Online and you can make an account for free but if you don't already have one, it's a good idea to make one BEFORE the event starts.

If you attend either of these events, let us know on social media! Tag us so we can see what you won or who you chatted with!


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