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Two Events and an Award

Greetings Browncoats!

We have two events coming up that are very dear to my heart and one of them is happening at the end of the week!

Can’t Stop The Serenity screenings are how I first became involved with California Browncoats and with Browncoat focused volunteering of any kind: I went to a few screenings, then I asked to help out the amazing Dawn Anderson, who is the Captain of the long running Irvine CSTS event, and before you know it, I was sitting in the Captain’s seat of the CABC with a slightly confused look on my face.

My favorite part of the CSTS screenings is that they even happen at all. We don’t have a trilogy of glossy movies to fan the flames of the fan base. We don’t have multiple seasons of an expensively produced television show, or enormous conventions that focus solely on our Firefly and her crew. No. Here we are, on the raggedy edge, as it were, with our barely completed season and our one movie that we’ve all seen a dozen times. And we still PAY MONEY to see that movie we’ve seen a dozen times, together, on the silver screen. And we do it in the name of doing good. Over the years Browncoats like you and I have helped Can’t Stop The Serenity raise over $1,000,000 for Equality Now and other worthy charities. Over a million bucks just by watching, donating, and bidding. If that doesn’t make us all Big Damn Heroes, I don’t know what does.

Our CSTS screening in San Diego on August 18th (that’s THIS Sunday, Travellers) is the first one held there since 2011! This is a great opportunity for local Browncoats to get together outside of the crush of SDCC and spend some quality time together. We will also feature a set of music by The Fallen Stars - songs from their Leaves on the Wind Music Project are each based on episode of Firefly, and lead singer Tracy Byrnes’ voice is so rich and haunting. Plus, they were voted Best Live Band by OC Weekly Best Of 2015, so this show is not to be missed.

We will also have door prizes (everybody is leaving home with SOMETHING*) a suggested donation drawing and a live auction for a few uncommon goods, including a lanyard autographed by ALAN TUDYK! Tickets are $17 and are available here. If you can’t come by still want to contribute, you can also make a donation on the ticket page.

Our second CSTS screening is going to be on September 22 in Irvine and we will send a ‘wave here when tickets go on sale next week.

*While supplies last

Other News In The ‘Verse

The new Firefly tie in novel, “Firefly: Big Damn Hero” by James Lovegrove has been nominated for a 2019 Dragon Award! The novel is up for the Best Media Tie-In category, and you can register and vote here! (We will have a few copies for sale at the CSTS events, if you want to pick one up before voting!)


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