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SDCC@Home News!!

At this second, if this was a normal year, we would be putting the final touches on our booth at San Diego Comic-Con. Our board members, some friends and a few VERY special volunteers would be exhausted, dusty, proud of all our hard work, and excited for Wednesday Preview Night. Unfortunately, this isn't a normal year, and like you, we're doing our best to enjoy Comic-Con at Home! Here's what we've got going on for this week-

Tune in to our panel: Turning Fandoms into Movements for Good, airs Sunday, July 26 at 10 am, PST here. Watch as we chat with some very wonderful people about the power of fan run groups to do good in the world and keep their fandoms alive and energized! Panelists include James Riley (contributor, SDCC Unofficial Blog* AND founding member of California Browncoats), Marsia Powers (president, Fandom Charities), Dr. Susie HoneyBee Searight (founder, BADASS), Victoria King (founder, Castiel's Angels), and Dean Wilson (Castiel's Angels).

Buy Some Stuff: You can also check out our profile at the SDCC@Home Exhibitor Hall (you can find us at our regular booth A-07, A-08.) We have a few choice pieces of merchandise showcased, including our BRAND NEW Captain Tightpants flask! This was designed for us by Nick Kremenek and was supposed to debut at Comic-Con this year. When stuff starting getting postponed, we thought we were going to hold on to it 'till next year, but don't we all need something shiny and new (... and that we can possibly hide alcohol in...) to get through these crazy days?

You can order the flask here, from our etsy shop, along with another small selection of our goods for quick and easy checkout. Or, if you are thinking about placing a bigger order, we have added a more thorough merch page on our own website, and you are welcome to fill out an order form here!

Exciting Announcements: Comic-Con is a great place to hear what's coming next, and we are pleased to announce our Browncoat Craft Contest for SDCC 2021!

We mentioned it during our Browncoat Hangout in May, but in case you missed it: If you have a crafty talent or skill, we would love to see it! Submit your Browncoat or Firefly themed art or craft to us by May 1, 2021. PLEASE BE ADVISED: all submissions will be auctioned off at one of our panels at SDCC 2021, with all money raised being donated to the Al Wooten Center. We will be talking more about the guidelines and the prizes for the Best In Show craft in posts to follow, but this long Quarantine Summer is an excellent time to start making something special to benefit an excellent cause!

As always, we appreciate every inch of support you give us, from watching panels to buying merch. We are still fundraising and raising awareness for Alzheimer's Association, and if you aren't able to do anything else, we would love it if you could share our #EndALZ fundraiser with your friends! We love and miss all you Browncoats at this time, and wish you a safe and happy SDCC@Home, friends!

Stay safe and stay shiny,

California Browncoats

*James Riley is a contributor to SDCC Unofficial Blog, NOT Outside Comic Con (who are also great people) as the online panel description notes. This was a typo on our part and we feel terrible about the mistake, but please remember that when we were writing the description (and editing it) we were working from home while trying to homeschool 2 children under 10, while simultaneously watching the world burn outside our windows. Our brains were not in a good, focused place, and we send James AND SDCC Unofficial our deepest apologies.


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