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No Power In The Verse Can Stop Us

Yes, WonderCon has been postponed, and that is a HUGE bummer, but we aren't letting that (or our current social distancing situation) get us down! 

Here are 2 ways that you can get a taste of California Browncoats' booth without leaving your own home (seriously, stay home!) 

First- consider donating to our GoFundMe to support the Alzheimer's Association! Why? Well, for one, you have the knowledge that in this time of toilet paper hoarding and sanitizer price gouging, you've done your part to make this world a better place. Plus, while supplies last, donors will receive fun bundles of Browncoat swag - think of it as finally winning big at the Chopstick game!

Above is just a glimpse of some of the fun, free stuff we will be sending out to those who donate (while supplies last.) A shout out to some of the companies who donated loot for our swag bags and support us, even in these crazy times: Boom! Studios, WashOsaurus, Art of Dave 3D, Can't Stop The Serenity, and Dreamforger Studios.

The second way to get that Browncoat Booth flavor is to live tweet the Firefly episodes with us! Mondays and Wednesdays at 5 pm PST! You can tweet along using #CABCfirefly. It's fun a way to connect with other humans through the joy of television- as we're sure it was intended! 

We have more fun things planned for the weekend that would be WonderCon - keep an eye on our social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for details!

Whatever you do, wherever you are - stay safe, wash your hands, keep being Big Damn Heroes! 

California Browncoats


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