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About Last Year....

Ni Hao Browncoats! Gung hay fat choy! Chúc mừng năm mới! Happy New Year! We hope you had kind and cozy holidays with ponies and plastic rockets all around.

Now that we're looking forward to a new con season, we wanted to share the numbers on our collective good deeds from last year and revisit some special moments.

First of all, the year end amounts donated to charity:

Wondercon - First Book - $1,605

San Diego Comic-Con - One Love Fund - $7,000

Can't Stop The Serenity - San Diego - Equality Now - $760

Can't Stop The Serenity -OC - Equality Now - $765

Los Angeles Comic Con - Al Wooten Heritage Center - $785

RAICES - $100 (this was a donation not associated with an event)

Total $11,015

We are so full of gratitude to you and everyone who saw us at a convention or CSTS event, who retweeted or shared our events, who donated, supported, purchased merch, and helped us raise these funds in every little way.

When we were asked to raise money for Alan Tudyk and Charissa Barton's One Love Fund, we never expected a thank you from the best pilot in the 'Verse, himself, but how shiny is this?

Alan and Charissa took that $7000 we raised at SDCC and asked their wonderful fans on Twitter to contribute to help it grow to $10,000 (it actually ended up being closer $11,000!) That money is now going to aid the efforts of the organizations Kids In Need Of Defense (KIND) and Families Belong Together. Thank you Alan, Charissa, and also a big thank you to PJ Haarsma who originally asked us to support One Love Fund!

One other pretty special thing happened last year: some of our members tied the knot! Congrats to Chrissy and Mike! Chrissy is a board member and current secretary of the CABC. Mike is a great person who always helps us put our booth up and probably doesn't deserve all the grief we give him. Wishing them both lots of health and happiness and many bowls of wife soup.

Looking forward, we have some very exciting news! We will be at Wondercon in the Spring, supporting The Alzheimers Foundation at the request of Sean Maher, and at SDCC supporting the Al Wooten Heritage Center. We have some pretty special plans in the works for both cons, so keep reading the blog and following us on social media for all the news, including special guests, new merch and more!

We can't wait to see you all in the coming year and work together to support worthy causes and share our mutual and deep appreciation for Firefly and it's crew.

Until then, Keep Flyin.'


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