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We’re back in Anaheim this weekend for WonderCon! Come and see us at booth 889 (same location as last year) and help us support The Al Wooten Youth Center in the memory of Ron Glass. If you have a little down time at the con and want to be a Big Damn Hero as well as gain access to our drawer of forbidden snacks, consider volunteering! Just fill out this form and we will contact you.

Browncoat Events at the Con - 

Friday: We have a panel with Fandom Charities where we will be chatting with some people who worked behind the scenes of our favorite Whedonverse shows, including Danny Nero, Diana Acrey and Dave Funston. Please come check it out! Friday, from 6:30 to 7:30, Room 300C

Saturday: Come along to the Browncoat Meetup and hang with some Shiny people! Families are welcome. Saturday Night at 8, at Tortilla Jo’s in Downtown Disney, which is within walking distance to the convention center. Incidentally, Tortilla Jo’s will be closing permanently on Sunday, which seems strangely fitting for a Browncoat hangout.

Other Events worth noting - Fandom Charities'

Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog screening - Sunday, March 31st from 1:15 to 2:30, room North 200A.

Finally, a sneak peek of some of our new merch for the con includes new enamel pins and eye masks from Geek Regeneration (also at WonderCon Booth 1904) new patches, including CSTS patches, from Can’t Stop The Serenity and a trio of gorgeous patches called "Series One." We also have new T shirts, and some new decals and magnets from Renmeleon/Kentucky Browncoats. Plus new books and graphic novels!

And we can't forget Nick Kremenek's dreamy new travel poster from the 'Verse! Buy it from us and support charity, or buy it from Nick's booth at the Con - E-48 - and support the artist. We will thank you, either way.

Finally, a Big, Browncoat Happy Birtrhday to our Captain and our Pilot, who both celebrated birthdays this month! Those guys really know how to have a good time:

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