WonderCon 2009 Merchandise

As always we will have a plethora of shiny Browncoat merchandise for you to purchase. Selling these items funds the California Browncoats and our charitable and fan outreach programs.

We will have plenty of shirts, books, DVD’s, posters, CD’s and whatever else we can fit onto our tables. Some of the items include:

  • Jayne’s Cunning Hat
  • Serenity Better Days #1 KNTR/CABC Exclusive Cover
  • Serenity Found and Finding Serenity from Benbella Books
  • Firefly Companions from Titan Books
  • Browncoat Bracelets from Wash-A-Saurus
  • Bumper Stickers from Black Market Beagles
  • WonderCon2007 Shirts (all proceeds to Equality Now)
  • Comic-Con 2007 Mugs (all proceeds to St. Jude)
  • Serenity – Those Left Behind TPB and HC from Dark Horse Comics
  • Serenity – Better Days TPB from Dark Horse Comics
  • Firefly and Dr. Horrible Soundtracks
  • Kaylee Little DamnĀ  Hero Maquette
  • Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible and The Guild DVDs
  • Lanyards
  • Magnets
  • Messenger Bags and Backpacks from Out to the Black Outfitters
  • Serenity Ornaments (Regular, Reaverized, Reaver Ship and Inara’s Shuttle)
  • Buttons and Pins
  • Money Packs from Quantum Mechanix
  • Dog Tags
  • Fruity Oaty Bar and Serenity Lunch Boxes
  • Jayne’s Red Dragon Temporary Tattoo
  • Serenity Zippo Lighter
  • River Statue
  • Official Shirts (Blue Sun and Serenity Logo, Fruity Oaty Bar and more!)
  • Fan Made Shirts (Browncoat, Troublemaker, Slim’s and more)

Some items are in limited supply, so make sure to pick up your favorite items before they run out.

You can also download a PDF Shopping List and bring it with you. (copies will be available at the table)

We would like to thank the vendors who help supply us with all the products

  • Artcat
  • Out to the Black
  • Poplollies
  • Quantum Mechanix
  • Dark Horse Comics
  • Wash-A-Saurus