WonderCon 2009 – Prizes!

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WonderCon 2009 Browncoat Prizes

We’re doing something a little different at WonderCon this year.  Everyone gets a prize!

We will have a prize wheel that every attendee can spin once.  No matter where it lands you will get a prize.  There will be 3 levels of prizes, and you can choose your own prize based on the level you get on the prize wheel.  Below is a list of prizes that you can choose from (limited quantities, all prizes may not be available when you spin).

Prizes, Levels and Odds

Red (1 in 32 chance)

Living til the End mini poster signed by Sean Maher
Dollhouse mini poster signed by Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett and Joss Whedon
WonderCon EN shirt signed by Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Mark Sheppard
Serenity Soundtrack sampler
Wonderfalls DVD
Jewelry – Silver leaf pin
Serenity 8×10 Summer Glau signed
Buffy 8×10 Anthony Stewart Head signed
STTNG 8×10 Brent Spiner signed
STDS9 8×10 Avery Brooks signed
STTNG 8×10 Colm Meaney signed
8×10 Lance Hericksen signed
Max Headroom 8×10 Matt Frewer signed
BSG 8×10 James Callis signed
Smallville V1 8×10 Justin Hartley signed
Smallville V2 8×10 Justin Hartley signed
Angel 8×10 Gina Torres signed
Angel 8×10 Andy Hallett signed
Archival print of 11th Hour’s River Art Card
Saffron print by Lindsay Archer
Serenity poster card signed by Adam Baldwin
Serenity Button signed by Joss Whedon
Superman/Batman #26 Yellow cover signed by John Cassaday
Superman/Batman #26 Black cover signed by John Cassaday
Independent logo shirt signed by Brett Matthews
Serenity novel signed by Keith R.A. DeCandido
Buffy Season 8 #1 Variant Cover
Marvel 1602 New World TPB signed by Greg Pak
I’ll Be In My Bunk white hoodie
Out In The Black Serenity RPG Book
Slither WonderCon 2006 promo DVD
Creation Ent. $25 merchandise gift certificate
Robot Stories DVD signed by Greg Pak
Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby signed by Allyson Beatrice
Serenity Keychain signed by Joss Whedon
Serenity Those Left Behind TPB signed by Alan Rudyk, Nathan Filllion and Brett Matthews

Black (6 in 32 chance)

2005 Comic-Con Serenity & Slither Panel DVD
Superman/Batman #26
Original Serenity Widescreen DVD
Australian Serenity mousepad
Battlestar Galactica XL shirt
The Break-Up womens shirt
Lost shirt
Dollhouse mini poster
Demon Hunters RPG
Done The Impossible CD soundtrack
Star Trek Vanguard novel
Drive promo License set of 5
Serenity mini-poster
Done The Impossible shirt womens & mens
Support our BDHs ribbon car magnet
UK Serenity matchbook
UK Serenity mini button
UK Serenity Inara postcard
UK Serenity River postcard
UK Serenity Zoe postcard
Serenity logo postcard
Serenity RPG Game Master’s Screen
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Shirt

White (25 in 32 chance)

Serenity Keychain
Serenity Logo Temporary Tattoo
Dark Horse 20th Anniversary Comic
Round Serenity hand made soap
Drive promo air freshener
Ariel Ambulance button
Big Damn Trilogy button
Dark Horse Comics Green Metal Logo on chain


-Contest open to 2009 WonderCon attendees only
-No purchase necessary to enter contest
-Each attendee may only spin the wheel/enter the contest once
-You can only spin the wheel after having your badge punched
-There are three color categories. Once the wheel stops, you may pick one prize from the color category it points to
-No donation is necessary to spin the wheel
-Prizes subject to availability
-Wheel must make at least one full revolution to be a valid spin