Merchandise & Auctions

California Browncoats does not operate an online store. While we’d like to offer online sales, we just don’t have the resources to do so. If there is an item that you missed at a convention that you really want, please email us and we’ll see if we can work something out.



From time to time, CABC conducts auctions to raise money for our supported charities.

Visit our eBay page for current active auctions.


Completed Auctions

Be a Part of the Zombie Apocalypse!

Tuckerize: The use of a person’s name or description in an original story. Term is derived from Wilson Tucker who made a practice of using his friends’ names for minor characters in the stories.

Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire, NY Times bestselling author and winner of the 2010 John W. Campbell Award for best new writer) has offered to “Tuckerize” two (2) undead winners in her upcoming novella “San Diego 2014: The Final stand of the California Browncoats”

This auction raised over $900.00 for Equality Now!

Australian Flood Relief
The California Browncoats are proud to support in raising funds for Australian Flood relief. 100% of your donation (minus paypal fees) that you send using the donation button on their site will be sent to the Australian American Association (a registered 501(c)3 non-profit). It will be sent to the AAA as part of The Premier’s Flood Disaster Relief Appeal in Queensland as stated on the linked page. Over $1500.00 was raised through auctions, donation, and CastleTV bumper sticker sales.

Jayne’s Cunning Hat

CABC and Adam Baldwin auctioned off the original cunning hat to raise money for the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation. The hat sold for over $4700.00.

Silent Auction on the Browncoat Cruise
The California Browncoats are proud to announce that the silent auction we ran during the Browncoat Cruise raised $1,750 for The Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center. 200 Browncoats from around the world traveled the seas and donated to a worthy cause. The total amount raised was not only received from the silent auction winnings, but from other attendees who donated during the cruise, and in the following weeks.

Jayne’s Shirts

Adam Baldwin auctioned off 13 shirts that he wore during the filming of Firefly and Serenity to benefit the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation. The California Browncoats are proud to assist Adam in raising money for this worthwhile cause.

This auction raised over $10,000.00 for the MCLEF!

Mark Sheppard’s BSG script for St. Jude

Mark Sheppard has generously donated a Battlestar Galactica script from the episode Crossroads: Part II for us to auction and raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
The script is signed by 14 members of the BSG cast and crew: Mark Sheppard, Jamie Bamber, Nicki Clyne, Aaron Douglas, David Eick, Michael Hogan, Alessandro Juliani, Edward James Olmos, Grace Park, Mary McDonnell, Tahmoh Penikett, Katee Sackhoff, Rekha Sharma and Michael Trucco. Mark personally got all the signatures on the script.

This auction raised over $1100.00 for St Jude’s!