Comic-Con 2008: Charity

The California Browncoats are proud to support The Kids Need to Read Foundation with our fundraiser at Comic-Con this year. In addition to taking donations for KNTR, we will be selling a Limited Edition of Serenity: Better Days #1 with an exclusive cover only available from CABC at Comic-Con.

The Kids Need to Read Foundation is a non-profit organization established in August 2007 by The Softwire series author PJ Haarsma and actor Nathan Fillion. Their mission statement is to purchase and provide books to libraries, schools, and other institutions in need. They also act to foster a love of reading in all children, encourage reading among reluctant readers, and look for new ideas to encourage childhood literacy. KNTR accomplishes their mission by hosting eBay auctions, selling literacy-themed and “Kindness is a Strength” items, and various other fundraising activities. They then use those funds to buy books from an official book list that includes a variety of well-reviewed books for children and teens.

For more information on Kids Need to Read, visit their site, community, Myspace, or Facebook.

PJ Haarsma & Nathan Fillion - Kids Need to Read Kids Need to Read

“When I first traveled across North America to promote The Softwire, my initial excitement quickly turned to dismay when I witnessed the lack of book funds available to schools and libraries. Children would follow me into the parking lot after my presentation begging for a book they couldn’t afford while teachers and librarians scrambled to find funds for even a single copy. I came across many a teacher who took the money out of his/her own pocket just so the kids could have the book in their library. It was this disturbing trend that prompted me to establish the Kids Need to Read project as a way to fight back. It is our dream to fill library shelves with great books so that no child lacks for amazing stories to inspire their imaginations.” – PJ Haarsma, Author

“Growing up, my parents managed to show me the importance of reading without cramming it down my throat. A difficult task, I’m sure. It breaks my heart to think that there are kids out there, ready to have their imaginations lit on fire, excited and wanting to read, and facing naked shelves in their school or local libraries. Rather than complain or wait till the system stops failing our nation’s children, this is a matter I feel we must take into our own hands. There are children, right now, waiting— wanting to read. What shall we tell them? I support Kids Need To Read because it fosters a desire to learn, the process of self-improvement, and the chance for children’s minds to grow. What will you do?” – Nathan Fillion, Actor