Dr. Horrible Callbacks

Ongoing Callbacks

Anytime you hear or see the following, you shout back as follows:

“Evil League of Evil”

  • ”How evil is it?”

“Bad Horse”

  • Your best horrifying death whinny

“Freeze Ray”

  • “Pew-pew!” (sound effect)

Moist comes on screen

  • “Moist!” (like Norm from Cheers)


  • “Big Damn Hero!”

Callbacks in Sequence

Act 1

Dr. Horrible: Villainous laughter

  • Villainous laughter

Dr. Horrible: “Fingers crossed”

  • Put your hands in the air with fingers crossed

Dr. Horrible: “I just need to rule it”

  • Yell along

Dr. Horrible: “We have”

  • “Ice cream?!”

Dr. Horrible: “Dude”

  • “Where’s my car?”

Dr. Horrible: “Corporate Tool”

  • “Yeah, a jackhammer!”

Dr. Horrible: “There’s kids in that park.”

  • “Neener neener boo boo”

My Freeze Ray

  • Hand gesture “stop” every time he says “stop”. Shoulder jam along with the horrible doctor.

Moist: “Got your mail.”

  • “You got mail!”

Dr. Horrible: “So close.”

  • “How close were you?”

Bad Horse Chorus
(Just like Wonderflonium)

Dr. Horrible:“Like candy from a baby”

  • “Butterfingers!”

Penny: “Hey, I know you!”

  • “He’s that guy you know!”

Dr. Horrible: “…texting…”

  • “Tweeting!”

Dr. Horrible: “Signatures”

  • “Pfffft”

Dr. Horrible: “I come on strong”

  • “Not strong enough!”

Capt. Hammer: “Lacy, gently wafting curtains”

  • “Like your panties!”

Act 2

Dr. Horrible appears on screen:

  • “Awwwwwwww, poor baby!”

During I Can’t Believe My Eyes, each time Dr. Horrible (in background) pours soup behind Capt. Hammer

  • “Soup!”

Eating frozen yogurt…

  • “Sporksporksporkspork” (Swedish chef voice)

Dr. Horrible: “Or sometimes there’s a third layer that’s the same as the first.”

  • “Like a pop-tart?”

Dr. Horrible: “How is he sweet?”

  • “Like a pop-tart!”

Dr. Horrible: “Apparently the LAPD and Capt. Hammer are among our viewers…”

  • “Duh!!!”

Dr. Horrible: “Captain Hammer threw a car at my head”

  • “Only a Yugo…”

Bad Horse Chorus (Reprise)

Dr. Horrible: “Like Gandhi”

  • “… Awkward”

At the end of Penny’s Song, she puts her hand on his face…

  • “Kiss her already!!!”

Penny: “He’s good”

  • “Like a pop-tart!”

Captain Hammer: “I’m just naturally this way”

  • (deadpan) “Obviously”

Captain Hammer: “Who wants to know what the Mayor is doing behind closed doors?”

  • “His secretary?”

Captain Hammer: “Sure was nice to meet you… doctor”

  • “I’ve got this rash….”

Captain Hammer: “These are not the hammer”

  • “Wait for it… … wait for it…”

While Dr. Horrible seethes…

  • “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

At the end of Brand New Day

  • “Splat!”

Act 3

Opening bars of music of So They Say…

  • “Cue the Montage”

During the song So They Say

  • Hand Jive!

Hammer Fans: “Four sweater vests”

  • “They got the mustard out!”

Mayor: “Justice has a name…”

  • Call out a random name!

Captain Hammer: “Everyone should have basic….”

  • (finish the line) “…cable”

Captain Hammer: “My serious long term girlfriend… wave”

  • “Awkward”

Captain Hammer: “Not my normal thing… but nice”

  • “Hell yeah!”

During Everyone’s a Hero

  • Wave your arms in the air

When Captain Hammer is frozen…

  • “Frozen Pop-tart!”

When the Freeze Ray dies…

  • “Freeze ray FAIL!”

When Capt. Hammer hits Dr. Horrible

  • “Splat!”

When Captain Hammer picks up the Death Ray…

  • “Wait for it….”

When the Death Ray blows up…

  • “Oops”

While Captain Hammer is crying…

  • Cry like a baby yourself

When we see Penny’s wound

  • “That’ll leave a mark”

Penny: “Captain Hammer will save us”

  • “That’ll leave a mark”

When Penny dies…

  • “Dammit Joss, not again!”