2010 San Diego CSTS Prizes and Merchandise

If you’re coming to the Can’t Stop the Serenity event in San Diego (of course you are!), you aren’t just going to see a movie. You’ll be a part of a global event that raises thousands of dollars each year for Equality Now. You also won’t be going home empty handed.

In addition to CSTS and other merchandise you can purchase, with all proceeds going to Equality Now, there will be a Thank You Prize Drawing. Why? Because we want to thank you for donating and we have all these prizes to give away.

In order for us to give them away, we need some tickets to draw. That means for every $2.00 you donate, we’ll give you a ticket. Or you can get 3 tickets for every $5.00 you donate. Now, you may be thinking about getting a little crazy and donating more than $5.00. We like that kind of crazy! Donate as much as your heart demands. Your tickets will be waiting.

Prize List:

  • DragonWeave Jewelry Brass Serenity Kanji Pendant
  • Bedlam Bards “On the Drift” CD – Signed
  • QMx Serenity Alliance Currency Money Pack
  • Done the Impossible DVD
  • Browncoat Ration Soap
  • Finding Serenity & Serenity Found
  • The Browncoats “Space Age Loser” CD & Signed Poster
  • The Browncoats “Hero of Canton” DVD
  • “Reaverized” Serenity Ornament
  • Juggling Geese
  • Augie, The Littlest Reaver Print by Mike Russell
  • 2007 CSTS Los Angeles Button Signed by Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk
  • Reaverized Serenity Ornament Signed by Joss Whedon
  • Jayne Hat on a Stick Signed by Adam Baldwin
  • Dollhouse Laser Etched Art Print Signed by Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon
  • Original Serenity Comic Set Signed by Brett Matthews
  • Reaver Action Figure
  • Michael Fairman Autographed 8×10 Photo
  • Australian Serenity Mousepad
  • Serenity “Those Left Behind” TPB Signed by Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews & Mark Sheppard

But don’t think you have to win a prize to go home with something. We did say above that you won’t be going home empty handed. We’ll be handing out Equality Now keychains and wristbands to one and all. Or at least until the hundreds we’ve got run out.

And finally, we’re bringing a few items so you can spend your hard earned cash the old fashioned way: buying something cool! For all the items below, 100% of the profits will go to Equality Now.

Merchandise List:

  • 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010 Can’t Stop the Serenity T-Shirts
  • Jayne’s Cunning Hat
  • Done the Impossible DVD
  • Done the Impossible Soundtrack
  • 2010 Can’t Stop The Serenity Patch
  • Browncoat Carabiner
  • Browncoat Beverage Wrench
  • Small Round CABC Button
  • Large Rectangle CABC Button